Celine: Handbag Obsession

I was out to lunch yesterday with Dana, the market editor from InStyle Magazine. We had a great lunch catching up since we last saw each other at the Miami Swim Show in July. We spoke about swimwear of course, kids, work, and then we got on the subject of handbags. I am bit of a handbag snob. I have an obsession with them. I do not like handbags with bling – not my thing. Chic and simple.

I also have a baby at home so I have not bought a new bag since I had her. My last purchase was a Chloe bag which I literally bought 2 years ago. I love my Chloe but needed something new. Dana tells me about Celine. I go on their website and I am obsessed. I am in love with the entire collection, not just the bags. And my favorite designer is back, Phoebe Philo. I fell in love with Chloe when she was designing for them. And now I am in love with Celine.


Thank you Dana for filling me in on Celine and thank you Phoebe for being so talented.

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