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The luxury of easy travel definitely isn’t always an option with little ones – there are so many different factors that come into play:  safety, travel distance and time, hotels… just to name a few.

Travel - St. Barths

My husband and I traveled to the ultra beautiful St. Barts and I must say, it lives up to its reputation – breathtakingly exquisite with flawless and uncrowded white sand beaches and azure blue water.  It’s not commercial, which adds a special feeling of exclusiveness you can’t always enjoy when you’re walking along a coastline scattered with chain hotels and restaurants.   I think Isla de France and Eden Rock are two wonderful boutique hotels.  You could also rent a villa – big or small.

There is so much to do, from visiting the different beaches to dining at all the unique restaurants.  It is not the type of destination where you stay at your hotel but where visitors rent a jeep, making it a fun journey to travel the island.  This destination has tons of fabulous shops and if you tend to enjoy shopping in between the beach and dinner, you’ll adore St.-Jean.  It’s such a colorful strip occupied by wonderful boutiques and beach bars.

I really enjoyed the beach restaurant at Tom’s Beach – it had a great atmosphere and was full of energy.  Perfect for a fun-filled lunch and you can wear your favorite swimsuit straight from the beach!

I’d love to return in the near future and just writing about it now makes me want to book a beach villa.  It takes almost a full day to arrive and return on flight so you definitely need at least one week to dedicate to such a trip.  Personally, I would suggest staying at least 6-7 days.  Whether you travel with a lover, friends, or family – you’ll discover that St. Barts truly lives up to its reputation.

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