Hermitage Bay Antigua

If you need to get away and totally relax I suggest Hermitage Bay in Antigua.

We went to Hermitage Bay in Antigua this year. It is a tiny resort in Antigua that is the perfect place if you are looking to do NOTHING. There are about 20 little beach cottages nestled in the hillside overlooking the water. The decor is modern and simple. I meditated, took yoga classes, and actually read and finished a book. The people that work at the resort are so wonderful. And my favorite is the spa. I very much recommend the couples massage. If you are looking for glamour, or a night life I really do not recommend this resort. It is low key but very, very nice. It is rated 4 1/2 stars by most travel publications. But again, it depends on what type of getaway you are in need of. It was so nice to have a conversation without my cell phone ringing, my Blackberry vibrating, or figuring out who is going to what practice or game. It was one of my favorite times away. I felt so refreshed when we got back. I think we might go every year.


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