Great Gift Ideas for the Male in Your Life

Do you have to get a gift for your new boyfriend, dad, husband, brother or just a male friend? Here are some ideas for that special guy in your life.

Beer of the Month Club
I can almost bet any guy would love a new beer delivered every month right to their doorstep. Beer of the month club is a great way to do this. I think I am going to get this for my hubby. This is my first time giving this gift so I don’t want to recommend a website. But you can search beer of the month and see which you prefer.

I get this gift every year for my hubby. He loves it and the shaving cream is the best.

Apple Gift Card
Did you ever walk by an Apple store and count the ratio of males to females? I have and it is mostly guys. A gift card to Apple can be used for many different things. I-Tunes, the latest and greatest new product, printer, or even Apple classes.
Red Envelope has great guy gifts. This is one of my favorites.
Helps to avoid clutter on the dresser.

Nike Gift Card
The great thing about Nike is that you can customize almost everything. From shoes to weekender bags to t-shirts . This website makes you feel just like a designer.

Skip Barber
Bring the race car driver out in him. He will love this! Check out or a local place near you.

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    Book-marked, I enjoy your blog! :)

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