The Craving for Peace and Solitude

We are all so plugged in.  Everyone needs downtime!!

Plus it is freezing in the Northeast.

After my morning green tea and my 20 minutes of the Today Show this morning – I now know that I am not the only one feeling this way. Travel and Leisure says “people are feeling this way everywhere.” And now there are special hotels, vacations, and spas that allow you to be unplugged. Yes, no TV, Internet Service – just a relaxing mental break.  And this is becoming more of a demand. Sounds soooo good to me!

Here are some suggestions.

Tulum, Mexico

I have wanted to go to Tulum for the past 5 years. And I have not gotten there yet. I am either pregnant, or have an infant at home, then finally getting up enough mental strength to get away without her – I wind up going somewhere a little closer to home. (I live in the Northeast).

But now I really want to go to Tulum – maybe I can do 5 nights away. So during my research I found this little boutique hotel. It looks perfect. The reviews look great except if you get torrential rain. This is going to be my next trip alone with hubby.

Jashita Hotel- Tulum

A boutique upscale small hotel run by an Italian family. (The food reviews are very good of course). The hotel is located in Tulum but off the beaten track on Soliman Bay- looks hip and also very clean, and updated.

If you want to go away with the kids or just want something bigger I would suggest –

The Tides- Riviera Maya, Mexico

This hotel is part of the Viceroy Hotel group – so that being said it looks wonderful. It is located on the Playa de Carmen Coast nestled in a tropical forest. It is not one of those all-inclusive commercial hotels. I know a lot about the hotel because we just got a HUGE order from them. But I am not just plugging it because of that. I have not wanted to go to Riveria Maya until I found out about The Tides. This to me seems like the perfect all around resort. You might not get as unplugged there. But you can try…

Antigua, Hermitage Bay

Yes I have blogged about this hotel before. But I can’t help it –this is truly a favorite. The beach cottages are so chic, the beach is amazing, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Do I go back here or try Tulum for a couple of extra nights?

Hermitage Bay

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